A Few Humorous Bits from Australia

During the 1986 GPS Competition…Newington College Under-15As against Sydney Grammar: A Grammar teacher refereed the match and, although Newington won, they had to endure a 35-3 penalty count against them, two players being sent off, including one for head butting an opponent's fist, and the assistant coach being sent from the field for questioning the referee. "Worst of all…at the time Grammar had a sewerage problem. It had rained and it smelt like playing in s---."

The best warm-up comes from an under-16s match involving Sydney High (Russell Crowe’s school) in the early 1980s. The warm-up was a fight among the forwards over who would be the reserves. Another fight broke out over who would be captain.


George Gregan`s middle name is Musarurwa...which means `The Chosen One`.

The Sydney University Rugby Club? claims to be "The birthplace of Australian Rugby" having being established in 1863.

Newington College, founded in 1863 as the Wesleyan College, played a twenty a side game against Sydney University, in June 1869, on Newington’s home ground at Silverwater.

In 1870 Newington College played against The King’s School in the first inter-school Rugby match in Australia, on "The Green" in front of Newington House.