Soiled jockstrap, anyone?

I realize this particular article hardly qualifies as being in good taste, but I thought this whole thing was so bizarre it belonged on my web site, where I attempt to showcase and explain (some of) the nuances of the rugby culture for the masses. If you’re offended, I apologize. (The photo reminds me of the underwear sections of old Sears catalogs - except for that soiled business, of course.) - Wes

E-Bay, in case you've been living in a cave, is an online auction service. People put things up for auction, it appears online, and other people bid for it. Sometimes some weird stuff goes on auction - body parts, controlled substances, explosives, etc. When E-Bay becomes aware of it they cancel the auction.

I did a search on "rugby" one day looking for rugby-related images for this site and this turned up:

"Item #203765155


$10 opening bid

This jock is used and stained from mud and grime on the Rugby field, as you know we get pulled thru the mud all the time. The jock has served me well and can serve you as well. Jocks a size medium. CLEAN PER GUIDELINES. Custom requests if bidding goes above $25.00. Buyer pays $2.50 S&H. E-mail me with any questions "

The following photograph was included:



E-Bay canceled the auction, so we'll never know what the market price would be on a soiled jockstrap worn by a rugby player. I won't speculate upon what kind of fetishist would buy such a thing, but I can guess what drives someone who would want to sell one: money. (Until the market for soiled underwear became glutted, of course. The usual economic laws about supply and demand would apply here.)

Okay, let's move on to other subjects…