A Song for Jonny

by Andrew Motion

(Andrew Motion is the Poet Laureate of Great Britain. Written to commemorate England's win of the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Unfortunately it appeared just after a celebrated 13-19 defeat to Ireland in the 2004 Six Nations Tournament.)

A Song For Jonny - Andrew Motion

O Jonny the power of your boot
And the accurate heart-stopping route
Of your goal as it ghosts
Through Australian posts
Is a triumph we gladly salute.

O Martin the height of your leap
And the gritty possession you keep
Of the slippery ball
In the ruck and the maul
Is enough to make patriots weep.

O Jason the speed of your feet
And their side-stepping hop-scotching beat
As you touch down and score
While the terraces roar
Is the thing that makes chariots sweet.

O forwards and backs you have all
Shown us wonderful ways to walk tall
And together with Clive
You will help us survive
Our losses with other-shaped balls.

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