"The Night Before Rugby"


Found on the Internet, authorship unknown


"Now Rookies, now Veterans,
Now Forwards and Backs
Non Runners, Now Kickers
Now Ruckers and Packs."
From the wee smallest college
To the biggest club Side,
Listen close and listen well
To what I confide-"

"How far you have come with this great game
How proud I watch above you.
But you mustn't forget from whence it came
And the reason you play it-- YOU LOVE IT!"


"Those cold Saturday mornings
The hot adrenaline rush,
Smell of cut grass and aggressive natures
And the ever Painful Crush.
Of Tackles and Mauling, Of Lineouts and Running
Of Trying and Stiff Arms, And Game winning Cunning."

"Brothers and Strangers, now Brothers and Friends
This list of descriptions just never ends."

"So take Heed of these items
Some have taken for Granted;
For in places I look down
And see them being supplanted."

"By things which have no place
In this game or others
Committees & select sides and political jargon
Will only create annoying bothers."

"So Ruck-On and Ruck-Over;
Just love this Game or leave it!
Just play the game you love
And Don't you dare deceive it!"

"For if you heed this message
And promise to never exempt me,
I promise you your kegs of beer
Never will go empty!"

"Keep them with you when at home
Take them with you on the road;
And share them with your Brothers
Along with this tale I've told."

"Happy Ruggin' to all, And to all a Good Night!"



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