You younger fellows may scoff at this, but it sounds pretty attractive to me! - Wes


Golden Oldies Commandments

1. I will play the game of rugby for rugby's sake.

2. I will not remember the score at the end of the match.

3. If I "made it" during my playing days, I will not use that to embarrass others.

4. If I didn't "make it" during my plays, I will not use the Golden Oldies to do so.

5. I will at all times during the match respect the older and more decrepit members of the other team.

6. I will follow the Golden Oldies philosophy of fun, irreverence, and self-indulgence.

7. I will be an ambassador of Golden Oldies and always spread the good word.

8. I will never lose sight of the rule to make friends and renew acquaintances in exotic places.

9. I will always remember that I'm at far greater risk in what I may do to myself or have done to me socially than anything that might happen to me

on the pitch.

10. There are only nine Golden Oldies commandments because memory fails with age.