Partners in Crime

(from, 28/Jan/00)


Former England internationals Rob Andrew, Bill Beaumont, Will Carling and Darren Garforth are being approached by security company Group 4 in the hope they can name prison blocks after them.

The prison in Rye Hill, Rugby, will open early next year and according to reports in the British press the company want to reflect the area's strong interest in the game.

"Interesting," Beaumont was quoted as saying. "Sportsmen have all sorts of things named after them but I don't recall prison blocks being mentioned before. I hope it encourages inmates to take up rugby."


I don't know… there's something about a prison cell being named after a prop that tickles me. And as far as prisoners taking up rugby, you'd think they wouldn't want to be encouraged to repeat activities that may have gotten them in the slammer in the first place. - Wes