Kelly Ripa kicks off High Heel-a-thon

( - Sept 22 2010)

Kelly Ripa got a spot right at the front of the pack for today's action-packed Live With Regis and Kelly High Heel-a-thon, but it didn't help her win. In fact, soon after the horn blew to start the 150-yard dash in Central Park, Ripa lost track of pals Kristin Chenoweth and AnnaLynne McCord amid the sea of stilettos.

Ripa said on the show this morning she was wearing 3-inch heels -- the minimum for the race -- which was "like wearing flats because I usually wear 6-inch heels."

Winner Ida Bernstein, 26, a rugby player from the Baltimore area, literally fell across the finish line to win a 2011 Jetta and $10,000 in a very close race. "Luckily," she told the Baltimore Sun, "my wounds were all superficial."

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