I found this on the Internet; it’s apparently from a Scottish newspaper. The main question is: Are the Roboprops programmed to drink beer? – Wes




Our team of robo-props are scrum-thing else!




Nice try… George Maistros and Mark Drake show off their squad of robot rugby players.



Scrum invention! Students have developed robots which can play rugby.


The electronic bruisers can tackle opponents, pick up the ball and spring over the touchline to score.


The prototypes were shown at the Edinburgh International Science Festival yesterday.


The robots were made out of Lego by a team from Edinburgh University. Student George Malstros said: “The robots have to maneuver around obstacles, walls, and other robots while keeping the ball.”


“They had to be designed to overcome all these problems by themselves and still win the game – just like a real rugby player.”


Pal Mark Drake added: “We use round balls in Robot Rugby to make it easier for them to move around the pitch as a rugby ball is the wrong shape and harder to move with.”