The Rugger Beers RFC

Niigata, Japan

In the course of putting The Rugby Reader's Review together and surfing the Internet for new and different material on the sport of rugby, I have come across some interesting home pages. I can honestly say that I have never seen a web site as exuberant as that of the Rugger Beers RFC in Japan. (You have got to love that club name!) These guys are obviously having a great time!

Sadly, I cannot read a word of any of the text on this website as it's in Japanese. I bet the commentary is great! But you can follow the links and learn some things about them, and enjoy the photographs they have posted.



 My guess is that these guys are a real hoot at the after-match parties!

In the words of "Cop Rugger" on the Guestbook:

Practice makes perfect.

No pain, no gain.

Yes!! We are Ruggerbeers!!