This whole affair reminds me of something I was told when I was an eighteen year-old PFC in the Marines. Just prior to a physical fitness test, a young sergeant said, "You know what ruins athletic performance? Sex." I guess he was right. - Wes




A sex scandal has engulfed the Hong Kong Sevens, the national rugby championship. The claims are that women were brought into the hotel rooms of the Malaysian team during the championship. The result? The Malaysian team finished dead last, losing 40-5 to China, 66-0 to Argentina, 56-0 to Canada and 38-0 to Taiwan. Investigations are ongoing due to some belief that this was done to the team on purpose. - Malay Mail, 23-Apr-01




April 2001

A SEX scandal has engulfed the national rugby team that performed poorly in the Hong Kong Sevens on March 31 to April 1.

Some of the players and one of the coaches were alleged to have brought women into their hotel rooms during the tournament.

The Malaysian team, which finished last in the championships, had looked so impotent in all their matches.

In the 40-5 defeat by China, Malaysia scored only one try. The Malaysians were whacked 66-0 by Argentina, 56-0 by Canada and 38-0 by Taiwan.

It was claimed that one player became such a spent force after his bedroom escapades that he failed to lift his teammate during a lineout as his knees buckled.

Team manager Suhaimi Zainuddin said: "Yes... there are allegations that some of our players brought women to their rooms during the tournament in Hong Kong.

"Apparently two Sabah women were involved in ‘distracting' the players." Suhaimi said he only came to know of the matter when the sex issue was brought up by treasurer Zainal Abidin Ali at the Malaysian Rugby Union (MRU) council meeting last week.

MRU secretary Mohamad Nor Tan confirmed that the misbehavior of some of the players was raised by Zainal.

"It was discussed at our council meeting. We were given an outline of what happened in Hong Kong. As we have yet to receive the report from the team manager, we couldn't discuss the matter in detail.

"We view it with serious concern and aim to get to the bottom of it." Suhaimi said the allegations were "simply allegations until proven".

"People can simply make accusations without providing any evidence," he said.

"Jealousy could be a reason for this as some parties were not happy to see several youngsters being selected for the team.

"As for the coaches, I was with them most of the time. Anyway, I couldn't be monitoring all the players all the time." Suhaimi said the team was given a liaison officer for the tournament and she happened to be a woman.

"People may have misconstrued her visits to the rooms of the players," he added.

"But I'm conducting an inquiry as the allegations are serious." A former MRU official, who was in Hong Kong during the championships, came to know of the matter through some of the players. He confirmed that some sexual misdemeanor did take place.

Rugby may be a testosterone-driven sport but the players should know when to stay clear of women. Otherwise, sex may make them weak in the knees as some of them obviously found out in Hong Kong.