Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Head


Found on the Internet, authorship unknown


During a rugby league match in May 2004, Widnes Viking hooker Shane Millard sustained a head gash after colliding with the Castleford Tigers' Dean Ripley. He was patched up at half-time and sent back into the fray with a headguard. Not until after the match did he notice that he had one of Ripley's teeth embedded in his head.

”I went to the hospital nearest the club at Whiston, where they took x-rays of the wound and said there was definitely something lodged in there,” Millard recalled. “They told me to come back the following morning when they would have a clearer picture. Sure enough, it was part of a tooth. I was given a local anesthetic and then they blasted a tooth out with three packs of saline solution. The tooth came out just as the anesthetic was wearing off. I've had a few injuries in my time but this is certainly the strangest. But I'd rather have a gash on my head than lose a part of a tooth. At least I keep my good looks.”


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