Man, those Kiwis are macho! While I'm well aware of the commendable "play on" mentality in rugby, this is extreme. Were such a thing to happen to me I would, 1) Commence yelling at the offending player and ref, and 2) Commence beating on the offending player. Then again, I might be just laying on the ground screaming. - Wes


New Zealand Testicle Injury 

From, 31 July 2001

NZ: Kiwi testicle victim case handed to police - In New Zealand, police will handle a bizarre case involving a teenager who a fortnight ago suffered a tragic testicle injury.

The player, a member of Waikato’s Pirongia Under-19s, was admitted to Waikato Hospital the day after their match against Otorohanga Kio Kio United, where he had a testicle surgically removed.

The player, his parents, Pirongia club officials and Waikato Rugby Union council of clubs chairman John Gillespie, met on Monday night and afterwards issued a statement.

"The Pirongia club, the Waikato Rugby Union and the family have decided that owing to the gravity of the injury the matter will be placed in the hands of the police," the statement began.

The statement added that the teenager had a testicle removed as "a result of a rugby injury".

"The Waikato Rugby Union firmly supports the family's concerns that there be sufficient education in rugby to ensure that players are aware of the consequences foul play can produce."

The 18-year-old victim on Monday alleged that an opponent wrenched and squeezed his testicles. Gillespie said that the incident should have been reported during the game. "Everyone needs to be aware that if something like this does happen then for God's sake stop the game and tell the ref," Gillespie said.

New Zealand Rugby Football Union doctor John Mayhew will ask for a report from the Waikato Rugby Union.

"Testicular injuries or trauma are uncommon and long-term problems are unusual," he said.

Mayhew added that if the perpetrator was identified he could face criminal charges.