1998 Material

We bought a new car over the Thanksgiving weekend! ("New" being defined as a car I have not previously owned.) It's a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE: 2.3 l-4 (DOHC, 16V - it feels like a 6), 5-speed, AM/FM cassette, power door locks, 51K miles. Well-maintained and very clean - like new, really. Got it for well under book from a private owner. For the first time in my life I'm getting vanity plates (I get more vain as I get older): "OLDE BOY" - a nod to my status as a rugby Old Boy and to the fact that I do Revy War reenacting (that's the extra "e" in "olde"). Also, "OLD BOY" was already taken by some old rugby player somewhere else in the state. I was thinking of JONAH B or JBEGONE, but nahhh... Here's a photo of the front, and here it is from the rear.

It's time to replace the now becoming unreliable and rusty VW Beetle, what with Ethan learning to drive next year. Here's my ad for the bug.

We also bought a deck and no longer have dining room double doors that swing out to a 12 foot drop (what I call "Doorway to Hell"). Here's one shot and here's another.

I have to admit, those daughters of mine are beautiful!
- Julie's sixth grade class photo
- Meredith's third grade class photo
- First day of school, September '98
- Dithers on the carpet

I vacationed in California in August 1998, here are some photos:
- Me near Brigham Young's hearse, Disneyland
- My pal Mike McDaniel near Brigham Young's hearse, Disneyland
- Me in the garden of the Enchanted Tiki Room, Disneyland
- Mike in the garden of the Enchanted Tiki Room, Disneyland

- Dad Bilyeu and Meredith

- In August I took the girls to King's Dominion

- Here I am at a 70's "Prom." (2/6/98) It was actually a friend's 40 birthday party.

- Here is Meredith's really cute 2nd grade school picture. I get a kick out of the huge pencil.

- Me, Cari and Senator Hatch. We're pals, ya know. Why, just the other day I was discussing the possibility of an upcoming Clinton impreachment with him, and... (By the way, he may be a senator but I have better taste in ties.)

- Dumb cereal ad I found myself staring at one morning. It's hard to believe images of two persons goofily feeding each other food would be used in an effort to sell cereal, but here's proof.

Friday night is our family video night. Tired of sex, gore, adult themes and contempt for fathers creeping into what should be family films? Me, too. Click here for my list of which ones to rent and which to avoid. You can learn from my mistakes! Updated frequently.

Well, I'm giving it a try and, so far, having a blast with it. (Who would have thought?) Here's my journal for posterity. Sorry it's so long, but right now it's obviously something I like to write about. My rugby web site is accessable from the top of the page or from here.

By the way, I play with the Western Suburbs Rugby Football Club based in Merrifield, Virginia.

Oh, all right. Here's a picture of me in my kit. Cute knees, huh? Ethan calls those shorts "booty shorts" - he thinks they're a bit high.

Click here to see scans of old family photos. For extended Clark family members only, I would think.

Watches, watches. Last year I wanted a Breitling Navitimer. Now I can't decide between an Omega Speedmaster Automatic or a Breitling Colt Chrono Automatic. To make things worse Hamilton came out with a new chronograph for 1998 that I really like, with the very same ValJoux 7750 automatic movement used in the Navitimer and Colt for much less money. (Although it's not like I can afford any of these right now... if I sell the manuscript to "Avocado Memories" I might be able to, though.)

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