This and That - 2001


Okay, so I'm selling my rugby club embroidered hats. Why not come up with an original pose?

Glad rags and smiles to see Dubya take charge. We (Clarks, Bests, Fantasias and Proseks) went to the Illinois Inaugural Ball on 1/19/01 at the Hyatt Regency in D.C. and had a blast. Cari and I. The guys. The gals. All of us. I am so relieved Clinton is gone...

Ethan was awarded the Boy Scouts Heroism Award on 2/25/01 for a lifesaving attempt that, unfortunately, failed. The account is here. Here's a picture taken during the Court of Honor. In the nine years that I've been involved in scouting I've never seen one of these awarded, and neither has the district executive who awarded it - they're quite rare. Needless to say we're very proud!

Julie turns 14!. The Mia-Maids visited, and she had a sleepover.

Meredith turned 11!

Meredith comes to "work" with me.

Meredith's spring '01 class photo

Got some images of Ethan at lacrosse: Pre-game warm-up, waiting to go on, smiling, in action 1, in action 2.

Julie and the PC.

I rediscovered a lost friend from childhood! Click here.

Got another letter printed in the Washington Times. Click here.

Julie's eighth grade spring photo.

Summertime means pool time, and pool time means underwater photography. Me, me and Julie, Dithers, Julie, Dithers and Julie.

We got T.P.'ed again this year. (Teenagers are a pain.) Last year's attack.

A family trip to Salt Lake City. The SLC Temple, the reflecting pool, the Madsen's cabin.

An overnight visit from Hiyato and Ryo.

Went to the WebSec 2001 conference in August - and had a side trip to Disneyland with Bob Avery. Here am I.

Ethan's senior year photo - It seems like just yesterday that we saw him onto the bus for the first day of kindergarden. Here's another in the series, in front of what looks like a dungeon, or a set from Mister Rogers. Here's yet another in the series.

Ethan the rock star.

Julie playing field hockey.

Meredith's 6th grade photo

Julie's official field hockey photo.

Since Ethan cracked up our minivan, we had to buy a new one. Here it is, the "Batmobile."

Julie's fall school photo.

Shy field hockey players.

Ethan awarded with this bronze palm.

Family films

Click here for my list of which family-friendly films to rent and which to avoid. Many years in the making and updated frequently!

Film Noir

When I'm not watching videos with the kids I'm watching videos in my favorite (not family friendly) genre: film noir. Click here for a web site I started on the subject, but didn't develop.


My seventh season - now ended - journal is here. How I got into this sport is explained in the first season journal, here. And, of course, my rugby web site can be accessed from the top of the page or from here.

By the way, I play with the Western Suburbs Rugby Football Club based in Merrifield, Virginia. I now maintain the web site; my goal is to make it the most informative and entertaining page in U.S. club rugby.

Clark genealogy

Click here to see scans of old family photos. For extended Clark family members only, I would think.


Some quotes from the 2000 year-end Washington Times. The only time the major media takes the speakers to task as being ignorant or racist are when they're Republicans.

Have you seen "Zits," the syndicated cartoon? My friend Greg Mueller introduced me to it. If you have a teenage son, you should take a look. It's uncanny; the authors must have teenage boys of their own. Anyway, I like to look at it and ensure that the weird behavior is characteristic to the breed and not just confined to Ethan. This one is very topical right now.

My daughters grow more lovely and mature every day. This being the case, I think about potential suitors. This being the case, I will refer them to an article entitled "Wanna date my daughter?"