This and That - 2002


Ethan's blue chair photos. The webpage that was eighteen years in the making!

Shadowy Girls - This was a test of that new Kodak 800 speed film now available; the girls are illuminated by a single candle.

Ethan on Easter Sunday, Julie on Easter Sunday, Meredith on Easter Sunday.

Meredith, April 2002.

Ethan's Super Heroes - Done for a church dance.

The Senior Prom! It was held Friday, 24 May. Ethan, Becky Reid and Co. went to a restaurant in Georgetown, then to a dance in Arlington, then to a friend's home. These photos were taken at a reception at the Holloman's house just before everyone loaded up into the limo. Ethan and Becky, Prom gals, Ethan Bond, Group shot, Ethan and Joseph, In the limo and Meredith gets in the act.

Here's the "official" photo that was taken at the prom.

Ah, Summertime.

Rugby can be enjoyed anywhere.

Ethan graduates from High School


We drove to Orlando, Florida and spent three days at Disney World in late August. Here are a couple of shots: Splash Mountain, the Castle.

Wow! Look at this great shot of Meredith, taken professionally. This one is one of her favorites.

Last year in school Julie's drama teacher made a recommendation for her to work on a Nortel Networks website for kids, "Kidz Online." Julie auditioned and won the part of Betsy in a streaming video production called "Heavens to Betsy." A screen shot of the Kidz Online website is here. As of this writing (11/13/02) the show is not yet available.

According to the Washington Post, my daughter Julie has a beautiful voice! Click here to read their review of "Bye Bye Birdie," the Lee High School play.

On her birthday (10/17/02), Cari took part in a radio show about odd Utah names. It was called "Raising LaVaughn."

Tricky pix one, with Meredith.

Five inches of snow on 12/5/02.

A couple of Christmas photos: All of us, just the kids.

Julie, December 2002. (School photo)

I had a dark Christmas.

Nana's Christmas Kiss

Nana and the Girls

Grandpa and Meredith

Lightning strikes!

At 4:11 PM on Thursday, April 18th, our house was hit by lightning. Meredith was watching TV when she described a loud report from a thunderclap and saw an arc of electricity from one overhead light to another. At first I discounted this, thinking she just saw the flash of a 60 watt bulb burning out, but now Iím not so sure. All of the circuit breakers for the upper floor were tripped. The lightning caused a power surge which ruined: 1) A garage door opener, 2) The VCR on the downstairs TV (supposedly protected by a surge protector), 3) The VCR on the upstairs TV, 4) Some circuitry with the air conditioner/furnace (no A/C or heat), 5) The phone line (no dial tone on Verizonís line), 6) The associated DSL line, 7) The answering machine, 8) A 60 watt bulb, 9) A 15 watt nightlight bulb, 10) An attic fan, 11) A telephone, 12) The dishwasher, 13) A GFI outlet, 14) My sonís 60 watt guitar amp

All the neighbors were unaffected, and our next-door neighbors reported a very loud nearby crash during the storm. They also reported feeling a tingle in the air, as well as a smell of ozone. (Their kids ran screaming upstairs when the bolt hit.) Thank goodness for homeownerís insurance!

A photo is here.

Family films

Click here for my list of which family-friendly films to rent and which to avoid. Many years in the making and updated frequently!


My ninth season - now completed - journal is here. How I got into this sport is explained in the first season journal, here. And, of course, my rugby web site can be accessed from the top of the page or from here.

By the way, I play with the Western Suburbs Rugby Football Club based in Merrifield, Virginia. I now maintain the web site; my goal is to make it the most informative and entertaining page in U.S. club rugby.

Clark genealogy

Click here to see scans of old family photos. For extended Clark family members only, I would think.


This article, entitled "Wanna date my daughter?", becomes ever more relevant.

Other people have nightmares about falling or being unprepared for a test. Not me. I have 'em about ripping up people's throats with my teeth. The Sin-Eater.

Actual Metaphors and Analogies Used in High School Essays.

I'm interested in clocks, watches and timekeeping. Somebody sent me this link to this interesting web site. I guess you could call this an analog clock.

I have to crow a little, here. Michael Quinion is a researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary (normally referred to as the OED). The multi-volume OED is the ultimate reference on English words. In his spare time he runs a great website, "Michael Quinion's World Wide Words". If you like English words, and I do, you'll like this website. Anyway, guess who he cited as a reference for a word? Yours truly, in my Civil War reenacting alias as "Jonah Begone." See the entry for the word "farb," here. (The source article is something I did back in 1999: "Who Was the Founding Father of Farb?"

Quinion says that at the rate they're going, "farb" may make it into the OED in 2008!