Meredith’s Reviews in A Midsummer Night’s Dream


“Helena, played by Meredith Clark was by far one of the stronger, if not the strongest, character portrayed on stage. Clark was such a pleasure to watch, she understood her text, and put herself in the role completely. There were moments to question but overall she had a stupendous performance, and was astonishing. It was such a relief not to hear Shakespeare’s beautiful language slaughtered. It was music to my ears, to take in, and understand these words. It’s not just about understanding the text; it is about embodying the text, living and breathing the text, making it a part of you, and that’s exactly what Clark did in this production. The audience was able to grasp her character and understand her monologues because everything she said was in her face, her voice, and even her body. I have never understood Shakespeare so clearly.”

“Lee’s production was highlighted by the phenomenal acting by Meredith Clark as Helena. Throughout the play, Helena was dragged through the drama of teenage love. Clark’s combination of frustration and girlish glee made her the bright spot in the play.”

“Meredith Clark gave a vibrant performance as the lovesick Helena. Her excellent facial expressions and clear understanding of Shakespeare’s language allowed the audience to sympathize with her as she wallowed in her unrequited love for Demetrius.”

“As Helena, the love-struck misfit, Meredith Clark was superb. She fully understood her role and clearly displayed that understanding to the audience.”

“[Scott Nickley] contrasted remarkably with Meredith Clark’s genuine, frustrated Helena characterized by her expressive face and comical body language.”


“Memorable performances included Meredith Clark, who brought an outstanding amount of energy and emotion to the character of Helena…”



“As Helena, Meredith Clark showed an extraordinary understanding of her character. While speaking, Clark showed vivid emotions and used a variety of facial expressions and gestures.”


“The lead actors were well-suited for their roles, especially Meredith Clark as Helena…Clark brought raw energy and passion to her lovelorn character, as well as extraordinary talent and charisma.”


“Meredith Clark gave a wonderfully entertaining performance as Helena. Her strong diction and delivery made it easy to understand not only her words, but also her animated emotions.”


“Meredith Clark stole the show with her enthusiasm and clear understanding of the text in her portrayal of Helena.”


“As Helena, Meredith Clark grasped her character through her vibrant facial expressions, effective body language, and hilarious verbal delivery. She used crisp articulation and emotion to portray her different feelings of confusion and hysteria throughout the show.”




“…all the cast shines throughout the show, but particularly the performance of Helena by Meredith Clark. She portrays the character with a note of consistency that makes her believable.”


“Playing Helena of Athens, Meredith Clark stood out in the sense that she truly understood the text. Her vocal variation was on point and she actually seemed comfortable in the vicinity of the stage. The chemistry between Clark and her fellow actors was also enjoyable to watch.”


“Helena had shown so much emotion through her body movements and facial expression that if you could get lost, you look at her and immediately know what was going on; her expressions expressed her love for Demetrius…Helena and Demetrius’ chemistry was remarkable. They were so believable I forgot that I was watching a play.”


“The complicated language and possibly confusing script was no match for the stunning Helena portrayed by Meredith Clark. She floated through the dialogue and even when the lines were confusing to the audience her expression was clear as a summer’s day.”


“Meredith Clark, who played Helena, had wonderful stage presence and had a greatly developed character as well. Her comprehension of Shakespeare was apparent and she even brought some comedy to her role as well.”


“Meredith Clark, who played the role of Helena, stood out especially among the ensemble. She delivered her lines passionately and rarely broke the very honest connections she seemed to make with the rest of the characters. She and Scott Nickley, who played Demetrius, had between them the most convincing chemistry on the stage all night.”


“The character of Helena should be noted because even when her mike was not working I could hear her clearly and still understand what she was saying.”


“It was evident that some actors did not truly grasp the Shakespearian language, but Meredith Clark as Helena was very fluent with the context and was most familiar with her character.”


“The character of Helena, played by Meredith Clark, gave an excellent performance. Her understanding of the difficult text was apparent, and her obvious acting ability gave the show all the life and energy it requires.”


“Meredith Clark (Helena) and Scott Nickley (Demetrius) showed wonderful chemistry when together. Clark’s performance brought much comic relief, and added a spark to the stage.”


“…Helena was played by Meredith Clark, who did an excellent job of showing love angst towards Demetrius…”