1973 Super Beetle For Sale!

$800 (negotiable)

I'm sorry - it's sold!

Okay, okay - this picture was taken in April 1989, when I bought the car and restored it. The paint job isn't so nice anymore, and there's some rust. And that adorable little boy has grown into a hulking fifteen year old. But you get an idea of what the car looks like.

The carburetor needs replacing - about $150 - in order to pass emissions tests. Plus there's a front end shimmy that needs to be taken car of. Also, it could use some work on the brakes. Oh, and the speedometer needs to be replaced and sometimes the starter won't start in very cold weather. But that's really about it - we're talking real basic transportation, here. Folks, it runs.

The tires are in good shape, the engine runs well (strong for a Beetle), and the heater actually works! Plus, I put in a new muffler earlier this year.

A good deal for someone who needs a cheap car and is willing to do a little work. Plus, this is a Beetle, the real thing, not that new overpriced "Less Flower/More Power" imposter. This car does get stares and attention. (If you're male: chicks love 'em. If you're female: guys know how easy they are to work on.)