Top Ten Baby Names in Utah for 2004

From Theresa Husarik,
Your Guide to Salt Lake City, Utah, October 9 2005



If you are in a quandary for what to call your new baby, you might want to find out what other people in Utah are naming their babies. According to the Social Security Administration, these are the top ten names given to new tiny people in 2004. Of course, keep in mind that you can always take the common name and give it its own unique spelling to make the name truly individual.


Top Ten Baby Names in Utah for 2004


Rank      Male Name            Female Name


1             Ethan                       Emma

2             Jacob                      Madison

3             Joshua                     Emily

4             Samuel                    Olivia

5             Andrew                   Abigail

6             William                  Hannah

7             Isaac                       Samantha

8             Tyler                       Brooklyn

9             Benjamin                Elizabeth

10           Nathan                    Sarah