From the May 2000 Camp Chase Gazette



…all of which may bring up the question, where did I get the idea of putting a paper bag over my head? Back in 1988 Harry Dierken did a drawing for our unit newsletter of a fellow he called "the Unknown Historian." It was based on a stand-up comic of the time, the "Unknown Comic." The drawing is below. When a photograph of me was required for the Camp Chase Gazette I thought of Harry's drawing and voila!, my trademark was born. By the way, the fellow under the bag that the CCG uses (above) is not me. It's really Grant McMeans, the former editor. I think the first picture of me in a paper bag was taken at the 125th anniversary federal armies' victory march down Pennsylvania Ave. in May 1990. But that's me on the front page logo of this website. The current editor, Bill Jackson, took the photo in June 1999. - Jonah