Harry Dierken: The Dr. Frankenstein of Reenacting!

Harry Dierken is an amazing fellow, with god-like powers.

One year an astounding phenomena became apparent, which I duly commented upon. New reenactment officers, who looked startlingly like Dierken caricatures, began to unexpectedly appear at events. (I wanted to see if they'd go away if Harry erased his pictures, but he refused.) Others in our unit expressed the opinion that it was more a case of Harry subconsciously drawing faces he sees at events than spontaneously creating these people by the act of drawing them, but I disagreed.

Hey, stranger things have happened.

My prime bit of evidence occurred at a Gettysburg Remembrance Day parade: we were standing in formation listening to the Sons of Union Veterans guys ramble on when the "Tubeless Artillery" crew suddenly appeared behind a blissfully unsuspecting Harry Dierken - the very same bunch of people that Harry had drawn up for a "Inventions That Never Made It" feature in the unit newsletter! I alerted Harry to this apparition and he agreed that, yes, it was the very crew he had drawn. Coincidence? I think not!

So I put it to the test. I asked Harry to draw up some caricatures, which appear in this slideshow. The Master's comments are also included. Don't be surprised if for some inexplicable reason these people appear BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES AT AN EVENT! Be on the lookout for them! - Jonah Begone