The following Mal Stylo articles are available:

The Lee Stooges
The Wartime Journal of Mal Stylo
The C.S.S. Hunley
A Guide to Historic Art Print Descriptive Writing
Living History a la Mal
The Faded Coat of Blue
Old Pseudo-Soldiers Never Die, They Just Write for the Camp Chase Gazette
Mal Stylo, Limited Edition Art Print Artist!
Ships of the Desert, or "Camel off the port bow, Sir!"
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Civil War Reenacting - The Next Generation
The Dismounted Cavalry Song
The Rocket's Red Glare (a War of 1812 event report)
Reenactors: America's Strength in Reserve!
Rounders! (Baseball)
Somebody Surrender, Quick!
Ode to the Quasquicentennial
A Brief Histrionic Sketch of the Parrot Gun
The Adventures of Macey N. Gimbels and His Pard