Above: Conan O’Brian at Mackey’s, 7/31/04. We were having a farewell party for Rover. As usual, I’m the photographer.

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From May to August 2004

I did what I said I’d do – I took it easy. Days at the pool, ordering pizza poolside, the hammock, a vacation in California… ahhhh… restful.  What I did that I didn’t count on doing, however, was once again taking up being the secretary and webmaster when Rover announced he was moving to a former Soviet Republic. What a sap I am. Still... it looked like the club was badly in a lurch for various reasons, and, feeling the absence of my daily creative webmastering "fix" with rugbyfootball.com, I once again employed myself. The problem is that I'm just as busy as I was - or should be - doing other things. When I grow up I'll have to learn how to say "No" more often.

Another unplanned enthusiam was buying a bass guitar and starting lessons. I'm really enjoying it so far, and all I'm really doing is playing scales. But it's oddly nice to sit there and make a wooden stick with steel wires throb. Lessons are on Tuesdays at six, which interferes with rugby practice. I can't say as how I'm very upset about this, however. The truth of the matter is that I no longer feel the desire to play rugby that I used to have. I suppose that I could introduce variety into rugby by switching positions or something like that, but... nahhhh. Injuries hurt too much!

So, the fall fifteens season has now begun, and I'm feeling distinctly apathetic. Guess I'll show up at the first Thursday practice to run some and socialize. (I tried running a few miles on a humid June day, but felt rotten - even wearing my new high-tech sweatwick tee-shirt. So I really haven't done any running since the marathon in early May.) I guess for this season I'll do club comms, run some to prepare for a half-marathon in December and take photos. Maybe play some. Or not.

Thursday Evening Practice, 8/12/04

Showed up at our new "pitch" on Iliff Drive, not far from the old Dunn Loring pich where I learned the game. A rainy night; I showed up only to distribute polo shirts and eat at P.J.'s. Too lazy and too hot to really begin practice. This new pitch is odd - it's two bumpy, grassy patches sitting astride the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park Trail, a 45 mile long bike trail from Alexandria to Purcellville, VA. So it's on a sort of crossroads, with joggers, bike riders and walkers strolling by.

Thursday Evening Practice, 9/2/04

Showed up at the Crossroads, as I call the pitch on Iliff Drive. Did some jogging down the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park Trail for 35 minutes - probably 2.5 miles. Was very sweaty and wiped out afterwards, which is depressing. Just this last March I could run fifteen miles without much problem or soreness. I sure lost conditioning quickly! Then I joined some scrums - and quickly learned that one cannot push without studded rugby boots! Dinner at P.J. Skiddoo's.

Match versus the Washington Irish, 9/18/04

Attended to take photos and that's it. The coaches started a running gag by asking, "Hey, Brigham, did you bring your kit?" which turned into a general refrain.

Match versus Frederick, 9/25/04

Once again, attended merely to take photos. I haven't been attending any practice sessions, so I don't feel I should be playing. (I never did get into that Old Boys thing: No practice but play anyway.) Truth be told, I don't really want to play this season. Or, that is to say, if I don't play I probably won't regret it. They can use me but I've just been too distracted by other things as of late.

The season ended on 11/4/04 at the Team Meeting/Elections, where I gave up being the club secretary (but stayed on as webmaster of rugbyfootball.com). I didn't play a single game of rugby in 2004. During this season there was just too much interference with my daughter's cheerleading, so I didn't practice. Not going to practice, I didn't play any matches. And, finally, the rugby switch just kind of flipped "off" this season; I just didn't feel like playing.

I guess it's over!


1.) We got a Guinness donation this season! (But this was the doing of somebody else, not me.)


1.) We won only two matches in the entire season. One was Old Boys vs. Poltroons, the other was a b-side match. One loss, against Raleigh, set a record: 0-110.

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