(Dates are when published in the Camp Chase Gazette)

Time's Arrow (Mar '01)
Advancing the Southern Cause (Oct '00)
Who was the Founding Father of Farb? (Sept '99)
Vandals at the Gates (May '98)
The Reenactor's TV Guide Part Deux (May '97)
The Reenactor's TV Guide (Jan/Feb '97)
Reenacting: A Hobby for Every Generation (Nov/Dec '96)
Feeding Jonah (The Great Camp Chase Gazette Cook-Off) (Apr '96)
More Thoughts On Being Editor Of A Reenactment Unit Newsletter (Nov/Dec '95)
Do Something New! (Oct '95)
McDougal and the Wyoming (Sep '95)
If the Confederacy Had Won the Civil War (Aug '95)
The Seance (May '95)
The Real Real Thing (Mar '95)
Reenacting Double Speak (Nov/Dec '94)
Learn To Recognize The 25 Signs of "Civil War Reenactor Burn-Out" (Oct. '94)
Disney's Amerika (Sep '94)
They Were No Different From Us (A 17th C. Virginia hermaphrodite) - (Jun '94)
The Reenactor's Movie Guide IV (May '94)
The Reenactor's Movie Guide III (Feb '94)
Your Astrological Reenacting Guide (Oct '93)
Seven Annoying Reenacting Types (Sep '93)
Aging Children of Reenacting (Jul '93)
Some Thoughts on Authenticity (May '93)
The Reenactor's Movie Guide II (Apr '93)
Authentics Only! - the wargame of reenacting (Mar '93)
The Reenactor's Movie Guide I (Jan/Feb '93)
A Death At Fredericksburg (Oct '92)
Huckleberry Finn, Displaying Confederate Flags and the Political Correctness Movement (Jul '92)
The Lost Lincoln Letters (Apr '92)
White Mansions (Jan/Feb '92)
The Reenactor's Dictionary (Oct '91)
Porta-Potty Tips! (Aug '91)
Ten Bad Reasons to Reenact! (Jul '91)
Ten Safety Tips (Apr '91)
The Difference Between Revy War and Civil War Reenacting (Aug '90)
Why I Do This (May '90)
Your Right to Privacy! (Jan/Feb '90)
The New Recruit's Guide (Nov/Dec '89)
A New Type of Reenactment Group (Oct '87)