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This and That - 2007

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2007 Photographs

·      Here are some myspace photos my kids posted; I took none of these. Ethan and Sarah – New Year’s Eve. Ethan’s Beatles cut. Ethan and Sarah. Julie on the deck, Meredith on the deck. Snarly and Pouty. Meredith doing “work.” Julie's halo. Pretty in a red jacket.

·       Ethan is engaged! The bride to be is Miss Sarah Jean Adams of Spanish Fork, Utah. The place is the Salt Lake City Temple and the date is 21 July 2007.

·       My band, Josiah’s Legacy, did a gig at a Burke Centre party on 2/17 and I wound up on the cover of a local newspaper. The caption explains why this is so funny to me. Here’s another image.

·       Family friend Luben Montoya turns 50!

·       2/25/07: It’s snowing, and Meredith “helps” shovel.

·       Meredith was in the Lee High School production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Meredith was Frieda, the girl with the naturally curly hair. Meredith alone. In a line. Lunchtime!

·       Meredith turns seventeen! (3/29/07)

·       Julie’s short film, “The House on 24th Street.” (The video is here.)

·       Ethan’s “1930’s Web Blog” from last year is here. His “Sin City study” is here. (Screen grabs.)

·       7 April: snow on the forsythia!

·       At the Hirshhorn Gallery in D.C., Sleepy, Colorful.

·       I had a great time at the 5/19 New Market reenactment; my first in ten years! Me after the battle. Me and Chris Olsen by our lone pup tent.

·       Sarah and Ethan (the invitation).

·       Our new Beetle. I took it out about midnight the day we got it... a convertible is a tonic for my soul.

·       Ethan and Sarah are wed, Salt Lake City Temple, 21 July 2007! Photos from the tenth floor of the Joseph Smith Building: Photo one, photo two. The group outside the temple. Clarks at the groom’s dinner. One of Sarah’s bridal shots. Manhandling Ethan (me and Ian Friley).  Messy eaters. Clarks and Bilyeus. Siblings. Cari and Dona. Dinner at the Brick Oven with the Madsens. Cari at Squaw Peak (overlooking Provo and Utah Valley).

·       We went to Busch Gardens! Frowning tree, Hobby Horse, How many turkeys must die?, Group shot, Purloined image.

·       Did another Civil War reenactment in September, this time in Boonsboro, MDPhoto one, photo two.

·       …and another in October at Cedar Creek. Me.

·       Cari’s birthday, 2007. The location was the Melting Pot.

·        Meredith plays Powder Puff football!

·       Meredith’s senior photos.

·       I flew to L.A. in November: Burbank High School Homecoming - 2007, At the Autry Western Museum in Burbank, Playing the dunce, The Supreme Scream, Boot Hill.

·       Ethan and Marge

·       Meredith did A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Lee Theatre in mid-November (she was the unhappy Helena): Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four, Photo Five. Meredith’s reviews were excellent!

·       Took some Christmas photos: Meredith, Cari and Julie, Meredith and I, Meredith's hair spin, 2007.




Family films

Click here for my list of which family-friendly films to rent and which to avoid. Many years in the making... I don't update this much anymore. I leave it here primarily to assist parents to avoid that fidgety feeling with recent entertainment.


Clark genealogy

·       Click here to see scans of old family photos. For extended Clark family members only, I would think. Click here to pull up my rootsweb genealogical page - once again, more of interest to relatives. My rootsweb worldconnect searchable database is here.

·       My famous relatives. I have no doubt that there are more, but they are as yet undiscovered.



et cetera

·        I don’t have this problem

·        Imagination and Fancy

·        "Aliens Cause Global Warming" by author Michael Crichton. I recall a seventh grade field trip in 1969; a visit to a California wilderness site. As we got off the bus, Mr. Key, the teacher, intoned, “Beautiful, isn’t it? Well, take a good look around, because by the time you’re adults this whole area will be filled with neighborhoods because of the Population Explosion.” That was my first taste of the policy-driven “scientific” baloney that Crichton criticizes.

·        Global Warming: A Role for the Sun by Tom Bethell. Al Gore won’t like this one, either. But I do.

·        Real Heroes (Yet another reason why Hollywood, today, sucks.)

·       Grand Avenue cartoon – I hate to say this, but this is me. In the back of my mind is a belief that if I don’t have a photo of it, it didn’t really happen.

·       My name in Chinese (in MS-Word format) – from a Chinese guy at work.


·       Losing weight: As of 12/3/07 I have lost 50 pounds. (I started in June, 24 weeks ago.) People keep asking me how I did this. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be! Go here, scroll down, and enter your age, height, weight and physical activity level. Enter in how many pounds you want to lose per week, 1 or 2. (I always choose two.) Read off the maximum daily calorie level. Eat up to this amount but not past it. (Mine varied from about 2,600 calories/day when I started at 312 pounds to 2,162 calories/day at 262 pounds.) Use the published nutritional information on the sides of the food packages or published on the web (fiveguys.com, mcdonalds.com, etc.) to find out how many calories you’re eating. And that’s it! No fads, it’s just running the numbers. Using this system, I lost an average of just a bit over 2 pounds per week over 24 weeks. The rule is, you have to take in fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight. Calorie counting is the basis of Weight Watchers, one of the few proven systems – and all they advocate is calorie counting, except they call fifty calories a “point” and count points. Exercise? I walk for thirty minutes (listening to an mp3 player) at least three times a week at a 3 mph rate – and that’s it. No running, no rugby, nothing else. As it turns out for me, restricting calories is a whole lot easier than trying to work it off through exercise. Yes, I was hungry for the first five days or so, and then my body adapted to fewer calories and I quit thinking about food.